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Ramad Chatman to Spend 5 More Years in Jail Despite Being Found NOT GUILTY

Ramad Chatman (24) will spend an additional 5 years in jail despite being found NOT GUILTY for armed robbery.

According to The Independent, in 2012 Chatman, age 19, was convicted of breaking and entering for stealing a television worth $120. It was his first offense and Chatman was sentenced to five years’ probation. Chatman abided by his probation by attending all meetings, completing community service, and keeping a steady job. Then in 2014, a clerk who had been robbed in a convenience store identified him as a suspect in the crime one year after the event.

Chatman saw that his face and name were circulating for a crime that he did not commit. As part of his probation he had to submit his whereabouts to law-enforcement officials monthly. To clear his name, Chatman turned himself in. Judge Jack Niedrach was very adamant about sending Chatman to jail based on the clerks testimony. As some know, the justice system is very flawed and many young black men and women are encouraged to take plea deals to obtain a cleaner record or receive less time; Chatman tried this but the deals were rejected.

As a result, Chatman went to trial and was found NOT GUILTY because there was no evidence that he had committed the crime.

Judge Jack Niedrach did not care.

Niedrach revoked Chatman’s probation and resentenced him for his original 2012 crime.

If Chatman hadn’t been arrested for the convenient store robbery, he would have finished his probation and his record would have been clear in July 2017. He was sentenced because turning himself in broke the probation. He turned himself in because he wanted to CLEAR his name! The judge is a RACIST PIECE OF SHIT who wanted to make an example of Chatman. He saw that Chatman was trying to do right after his crime but did not care. These are the type actions that make someone delve back into crime and feel like they have nothing to lose. Please SHARE this story and info so that Ramad Chatman can receive some justice!


Venida Browder, mother of Kalief Browder, dies of a heart attack

Rest In Peace to Venida Browder, the mother of Kalief Browder. Kalief Browder was sent to Rikers Island in 2010 for allegedly stealing a book bag. He was abused by the guards and inmates, spent 2 years in solitary confinement, and was never convicted. He was released in 2013 but would end his own life in 2015. Venida died from complications of a heart attack on 10/14/2016. Rest In Peace to Venida and her son Kalief.


Watch the powerful trailer for “The 13th” directed by Ava DuVernay

The new series, Queen Sugar, isn’t the only project Ava DuVernay has been working on these past couple of years. The brilliant director will explore the many parallels between slavery and mass incarceration in America in the documentary, The 13th. The trailer shows the government and many politicians enforcing racially motivated laws over the years including the war on drugs and the three strikes law. 2016 presidential candidates Clinton and Trump are also amongst the politicians who are seen implementing similar regulations. The trailer also includes snippets of the unfortunate and disturbing story of Kalief Browder, a teen who was unfairly held for 3 years at the notorious Rikers Island and who later committed suicide in 2015.

In a statement, DuVernay said the film “was made as an answer to my own questions about how and why we have become the most incarcerated nation in the world, how and why we regard some of our citizens as innately criminal, and how and why good people allow this injustice to happen generation after generation.” This documentary is very important in presenting evidence on how mass incarceration disproportionately affects black Americans. Unsurprisingly, the trailer alone is already being met with loads of racist comments.

The documentary will be released on 7 Oct through Netflix and will premiere 30 Sep at the New York Film Festival, becoming the first documentary to ever open the event. Check out the trailer below.