10 Quotes from 10 Unapologetic Women in Honor of Women’s History Month 

Check out some of my favorite quotes from 10 unapologetic women of different ethnicities, professions, and generations!  Happy Women's History Month.   Nina Simone To me, we are the most beautiful creatures in the world—black people. So, my job is to make them more curious about where they came from and their own identity and [...]


Unapologetic and Proud: Photos of Women of Color at the Women’s March on Washington

The Women's March on Washington was a monumental event that not only filled the streets of our Nations capital but the entire country and world including Melbourne, London, Nairobi, Paris and Cape Town. People from different religious affiliations, sexual identities, and ethnicities attended the rally to address dark future of the upcoming presidency. Speakers included newly [...]

Support Grows as Standing Rock Protest Continue Against the North Dakota Oil Pipeline

More than a thousand Native Americans and non-native allies across America have traveled to help protect the land of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. A multi-billion dollar construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is scheduled to construct through alleged sacred, ancestral lands and run underneath the Missouri River which is the main water supply for [...]

Ditching the Revisionist History Behind That ‘White Inventions’ Hashtag — Dark Matters

LINK: The White Inventor Argument PLUS: Some Science, Facts and History To Counter That Hilarious #WhiteInventions Tag That We Woke Up To… 10 Mexican Inventors Everyone Should Know Japanese Inventions and Discoveries 16 African Inventions That Changed The World As We Know It Today! Native American Inventions In Medicine Muslim Inventions That Shaped the Modern […] [...]