Neon Fade: The 10 Best Moments of 2017

Last year, I did a review of 2016 with the good, bad, and the side eyes; this year I want to do something a little different with the Best Moments of 2017. The year was filled with positivity even with an immoral administration. There were threats to immigrants with the uncertain future of DACA, the … Continue reading Neon Fade: The 10 Best Moments of 2017


Princess Nokia releases music video for “Brujas”.

Princess Nokia collaborated with Asli Baykal for the visuals to, Brujas. The song is from her anticipated project, 1992. I love the natural curls and homage to her African, Native American, and Hispanic roots. Check out all the black and brown witchcraft beauty below.

Black&Sexy TV debuts web series, Dope Deconstruction

The online streaming network, Black&Sexy TV, premiered their new web-series, Dope Deconstruction this past Sunday with host Shanika (@ShanikaPowell) and Sam (@Slamriddb) who together make Slam Pow Productions. The two have a current podcast entitled, Inner Hoe Uprising, which as they quote is about “Sex, love, and dating from two black polyamorous 20 something’s in … Continue reading Black&Sexy TV debuts web series, Dope Deconstruction

Watch Vic Mensa’s, “16 Shots”

*Graphic Footage is in the music video* Vic Mensa released the music video for 16 Shots from the album, There's A lot Going On. The video was inspired by the unfortunate 2014 police killing of 17 year old, Laquan McDonald. McDonald was shot 16 times while walking away from police officers. The cops lied about … Continue reading Watch Vic Mensa’s, “16 Shots”