Code Switching 101: New Trailer Released for, “Sorry to Bother You” Starring Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson

The trailer for the dark comedy/ sci-fi fantasy, Sorry to Bother You, has been released and telemarketing has never looked cooler. The film follows Oakland native, Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) as he enters the world of telemarketing in a alternative universe. After he’s advised to use his “white person” voice for the job by his co-worker (Danny Glover), he shoots up the rankings to a VIP level career. Using a “white voice” aka “code switching” is all to familiar for black people in retail, telemarketing, politics, etc. etc. and has even caused disagreement amongst the black community and seems to rub Green’s activist girlfriend, Detroit (Tessa Thompson), the wrong way. Thompson is working hard and all but she is one lucky actress (Michael B. Jordan, Marquee Richardson, and now Lakeith Stan-I mean Selma, Thor, Dear White People *clears throat) you go girl!.


The trailer is filled with crazy edits and bizarre characters including a character played by Omari Hardwick who sports a peculiar mustache, top hat, and eye patch.  Alongside Hardwick is Terry Crews, Armie Hammer, Jermaine Fowler and Steven Yeun (Glen!*sobs).


This will be the directorial debut from writer, director and front man to the hip hop collective, The Coup, Boots RileyRiley has had experience in both telemarketing and activism. In a Sundance Institute special, he states, “I like to tell stories about folks in jobs that we take for granted and about how those worlds have the same amount of drama and adventure as other worlds that we glamourize in film”. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January and will open in theaters on July 16th. Check out the trailer below.




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