Buy Black Business Week: Fitness and Health

Today’s Buy Black Business Week category will be dedicated to Fitness and Health. Below you will find everything from athletic apparel, workout classes, gym locations, and wellness plans.

Fitness and Health

The Gym Hooky

Workout Guides, Classes (SF Bay Area), and Nutrition Tips


Pru Apparel


Instagram: @pruapparel

KTX Fitness (ATL, GA)

Gym and Apparel


Classes (New York)

Instagram: @brukwineaddiction

Yema Apparel

Apparel and Clothing

Vision Fitness with Gerren Liles

Fitness Classes (New York, NY)


The Healthy Gal



Dr. B.T. Bradley, PhD (Certified Health Coach)

Wellness Plans, Cookbooks, and Healthy Powdered Juices


Apparel and Workout Events (Washington D.C.)


Twitter: @shopglamourina




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